From the MouthMy sci-fi flash fiction story, ‘Dark Matter’ was first published in, ‘From the Mouth’* published by Sonar4 Publishing. Flash fiction are stories with a ridiculously small word count. This was my first published flash fiction piece.

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I’m looking to get this reprinted.





APOBFMy second published flash fiction story, ‘Water’s Pity’ was published in, ‘A Pint of Bloody Fiction’*. The word count for these stories were 200 words or less.

*Out of Print


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She wept at the river’s edge for the loss of her child. This was her third child and he lived the longest, but alas, he didn’t make it to his naming. Her tears fell from her cheek blending with the river water below.

The ancient being watched this miserable girl from the murky depth of her lair. The girl’s honest outpouring of emotion made this water-logged creature feel pity, a sensation that it hadn’t felt in so very long. It shivered with the remembering. Deep in its mud-filled veins, the creature remembered it too had been human once and knew the pain of loss and the sorrow it could bring. Convulsing, the creature tore itself free from the weeds and roots that had grown to cover it during its many years of sleep. The ancient being reached up with its algae greened skin just caressing the surface of the water longing to comfort and help the poor girl.

The girl wiped her eyes and looked out over the smooth flowing river. She came to this spot because it was a place of comfort as a child. She had hoped to share this special place with her children, but God had seen fit to keep her from becoming a mother. The thought brought another sob. She collected the edges of her skirt and stood up. A splash drew her attention to a cluster of green and waterlogged branches that queerly looked like a hand.

In a flash, the creature grabbed the girl’s ankle and pulled. The girl vainly clutched at the shore, but was powerless against the creature’s might. The girl was under the water before she could take another breath.

This ancient being knew the girl would suffer no more.