Pieces from The Mosaic – A Collection of Short Stories

Pieces from The Mosaic - proofs‘Pieces from The Mosaic’ a companion to ‘The Mosaic’ is now available on Amazon for the new release price of $3.99.

This twelve-story collection follows individuals whose lives are linked to an ancient, magical mosaic. Pieces from The Mosaic is a companion to the novel, The Mosaic, fitting either as an introduction to the series or as a deeper look after the fact.



New Years Weekend Sale – The Mosaic

Rick and I are giving everyone a New Years gift. This weekend only (Dec 31-Jan 1), The Mosaic (Kindle version) will be on sale for 99 cents.

We are hoping this sale will encourage honest reviews from anyone who gets the book during this sale. Please share with your friends or anyone who would love the story. Reviews help to get this story out to readers who we know would love it.



I got the nicest rejection letter ever today. Takes the sting off not getting selected.

“Thank you very much for your submission. This is to notify you that your very enjoyable story, Scarecrow, has not been chosen for inclusion…… Please feel free to keep in touch with me. Your work is most impressive. On a side note, I want you to know that I really did enjoy the story and think you should have no problem finding a good home for the work. You made it very hard for me because your writing is excellent. It is indeed a lovely tale and I hope to read more of your work soon.”