Living Dead Girl – Released

Amanda can see ghosts.

She talks to the dead and has grown used to helping them move on. Although they have little interest in helping her. It hasn’t been easy, but Amanda’s finally ready to take a shot at having a normal life like a regular sixteen-year-old.

Plans are fleeting. Amanda’s peace is thrown into chaos as a mysterious stranger rips his way into her life and threatens her loved ones. This propels her on a journey to discover the true strength of her own will and the power she has inherited.


Living Dead Girl is  now available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Pieces from The Mosaic – A Collection of Short Stories

Pieces from The Mosaic - proofs‘Pieces from The Mosaic’ a companion to ‘The Mosaic’ is now available on Amazon for the new release price of $3.99.

This twelve-story collection follows individuals whose lives are linked to an ancient, magical mosaic. Pieces from The Mosaic is a companion to the novel, The Mosaic, fitting either as an introduction to the series or as a deeper look after the fact.